Borough Directory

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Name Position Phone Email
Anfuso, Timothy Tax Assessor Ext. 15
Bahrle, David Public Works Director,
Recycling Coordinator
Chernavsky, Daniel OEM Coordinator 732-842-0018
Covert, Dave 2019 Fire Chief Ext. 61
DiBerardino, Karen Construction Sec.,
Technical Assistant,
Deputy Registrar
Ext. 10
Farmer, Jane Library Director 732-383-8092
Friedman, Brett Police Chief 732-842-0010
Haege, Thomas Code Enforcement Officer,
C.O. Inspector
Ext. 20                                               
Haege, Thomas Fire Marshall,
Fire Sub-Code Offical
Ext. 30                                               
Jacobs, Khristi Finance Manager,
Accounts Payable
Ext. 12
Ketcham, Michelle Deputy Clerk Ext. 19

Klein, Don

Beach Manager

Recreation Director

Beach Office:
Ext. 27

Lawrence, Frank Administrative Assistant for Special Projects Ext. 34
LoSacco, Jeffrey Building Inspector Ext. 10  

Mitchell, Candace

Planning Bd. Sec., Registrar,
Special Events Sec.

Ext. 23

Palmer, John Plumbing Sub-code Official Ext.  26  
Pfeiffer, Christine Municipal Clerk Ext. 18
Sibilia, Wayne Fiscal Officer Ext. 16
Smith, Carol Municipal Court Administrator 732-222-6517   or 732-222-8222  
Spahr, Patricia Tax Collector,
Sewer Utility Collector,
Health Commission Board Secretary 
Ext. 11
Tangolics, Mary Zoning Officer,
Flood Plain Administrator
Ext. 28
Thomas, Shawn Public Works Foreman 732-741-7403
Vitale, Paul Electrical Sub-code Official Ext. 24  
Verruni, Joseph L. Borough Administrator  Ext. 13
Wheeler, Edward Construction Official,
Building Sub-Code Official
Ext. 21  

Borough Council

Members of the Borough Council may be contacted at Borough Hall by utilizing the website  Contact Form .

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Council Member Title/Committees Phone and Email Address
Birdsall, Kevin Committee Chair:
Public Works, Building Department


Keeler, William J. Committee Chair:
Finance, Insurance, Court
Kelly, Brian P.  Committee Chair:
Capital Plan, Flood Control, Beautification


Leckstein, Marc A. President of Council
Committee Chair:
Administration, Shared Services, Public Relations
Long, Dina Mayor 732-842-0099
Rooney, Charles H. III Committee Chair:
Public Safety, Education, Recreation, Library
732-842-0099, Ext. 55
Schwartz, Jon Committee Chair:
Beach, Grants

732-842-0099, Ext. 57